This personal blog was started to help others in Information Security by sharing information, experience, and tutorials. If you love technology, particularly related to security, I hope you'll find something interesting here.

You can expect to see a variety of posts, including personal projects I'm working on. This could be a rebuild of the home network, a page about a new virtual appliance I'm trying out, perhaps a post on security related software, or something similar. There could even be some reminiscing of technologies from the past! In any case, I got inspiration to begin this site from Daniel Miessler's "How to Build a Successful Information Security Career" article. While I've been in Information Security for a bit, I found he made several good points including the suggestion to start a web site.

My introduction to computers started many years ago when my family purchased a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A.

I was able to do a little programming in Basic and also play a lot of games. Over the years I was lucky to use a variety of systems as technology progressed: Epson 8088, local built 286/386/486, Gateway, Inc. Pentium, various CPU upgrades, CGA/EGA/VGA monitors, 9-pin dot matrix printers, 3D video adapters! Does it get any better?

Eventually during those years the Internet came around with dial-up, then DSL and cable. For a short while I maintained a site on GeoCities. I don't remember exactly where it was, but I'm pretty sure it was somewhere in the Silicon Valley neighborhood.

Out of college I began work as a UNIX system administrator. For three-plus years I worked supporting Sun Microsystems and SGI workstations and servers. From there I was promoted into a role supporting a global Wide Area Network (WAN) including remote and 3rd party access. Over about four years I focused on network activities including firewall and IPsec tasks. This is when my interest in security really developed.

One job change later and I was exposed to the the full breadth of network technologies. Responsibilities included supporting the user networks, remote access, data center infrastructure, and WAN. Again I found myself involved in security specific products like Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), Network Access Control (NAC), firewalls, and encryption.

More recently an opportunity came up to join a newly created team focused on Active Defense and Incident Response. This has placed me squarely in an Information Security specific role with fifteen-plus years of supporting IT background. It is also where a lot of learning has begun.

So, I now find myself with an opportunity to share my learning path via this blog. It has been an enjoyable challenge picking up new skills in Threat Hunting, statistics/analytics, and visualization. I hope you will take time to connect with me and share your experience too!

You can find me on Twitter, @JamieBuening, and on LinkedIn.